Outdoor activity is good for your body but many people dont consider themselves outdoorsy in any way. So to help you out in the process of outdoor fitness if you dont consider yourself an outdoor person or dont enjoy being outdoors then here are three tips that can help you to get outside and off the couch to start developing a healthy outdoor fitness.

First, start thinking outside the box. Outdoor activities may not be for you or you dont enjoy being outdoors so think outside the box. Think of a game you can play together with friends or with a partner that will give you plenty of fun and also develop your outdoor fitness.

Second, start thinking at night. You dont have to be in the gym all day in order to benefit from outdoor activities. It is true that you do not get as much sun at this time of year but the outdoor world is full of amazing things to be seen and done at night. Here are three great ideas that you can do at night.

First, go for a drive. Get in your car and drive somewhere beautiful with your partner or someone you know. The idea is not just to drive but for you to get off and take in the scenery.

Second, go for a walk. There is something beautiful about just getting up and leaving your house and going for a walk. This can even be in the middle of a city.

Third, jump on an exercise bike. This is the best way to start getting more exercise into your life. All you need to do is find a bike near you and get on it. The idea is for you to ride the bike and do a lot of exercises. You could ride round and round in circles, then coast and then go for a nice fast ride. Once you are used to the bike you can mix it up and ride up hills. Get the idea?

The idea is to get outside and do some outdoor stuff. If you arent getting much outdoors in your life then take the steps. Go to the window and look at the world beyond. This can be amazing. Your indoors and your city and it is beyond your window. Lets start getting out of the city and beyond the window for some outdoor time. Once you are outside on the steps with your feet hanging out, then look into the distance and imagine you’re in that distance. Immerse yourself in the moment. This is the first step to living a life of joy. It can be a walk around the block, then to the park, to the beach, or getting on a bicycle and pedaling through the neighborhood. This step is an outdoor excursion that is joyous and that is fun. We’re getting outside and being free from the confines of our own home.

Once you have had the opportunity to do some outdoor things then you can begin to get your house back. You can walk around the yard again or go for a bike ride. If you’re like me then you do a little of all of these things. Get outside and have fun! This is the first step to living a life of joy.

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